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Choosing a Coach

You have many options when choosing a coach.  Consider your coach's professional credentials, the coach's personal results as well as challenges overcome, and the "world view" that the coach brings to your relationship.

In my opinion, the world view that the coach provides is the most significant.  Mostly, what I provide to you as a coach is space.  In this space you are given the opportunity to create yourself.  Initially, we design the results or an outcome that you want to produce.  Along the way I provide you a safe place to be, to experiment and try new ways of being, as well as to provide insight into what I see that is "off" in your game.  You design the scoreboard and the final score.  I coach you to exceed the desired score.

Professional Credentials

  • Master of Science Positive Organizational Development, Case Western Reserve University
  • Certified in Appreciative Inquiry
  • Certified in Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Certified provider of Ontological Leadership Training
  • 18 years of coaching experience
    • Speak into the space that I provide - you'll be amazed at what "being listened" (to) allows in your life
  • 22 years of being coached (that I've been coachable ;))

Personal Results

My personal results and accomplishments have been created over the past 22 years since I took on my first coach.  They are wide and varied and represent what to me have been a full, complete, nourishing life.  Your desired outcomes may be completely different, yet the approach for achieving them will be similar.  - It should be noted that my results prior to taking on a coach were not what I would consider to be full, complete, and for the most part not nourishing.

  • Development of the notion "Relationship of my dreams"
    • Fulfillment of this relationship
    • 13 years of marriage
    • Powerful, open communication - beyond no secrets, we are "known" by each other at the deepest levels
    • Supportive, both highly engaged professional people
  • Family
    • 3 Children, 2 Biological, 1 Adopted
    • Baby #4 on the way!  Planned and excited!
    • Provide "best school" possible for children
    • Powerful, meaningful relationships with my parents, adult siblings
  • Friends
    • Life long relationships since grade school
    • Deep, meaningful, supportive relationships with new people I meet
  • US Army, Gulf War I veteran
  • BS Computer Science, Deans list, self funded
    • Self trained as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
    • Risen to level of systems architect for 5th largest US Bank
  • MS Positive Organizational Development, Weatherhead School of Mgmt., 4.0, Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Small Business Owner
    • Purchased 3 laundromats during "global financial meltdown"
    • Provides income producing assets regardless of day job
  • Travel
    • Caribbean, Central America, Hawaii, Europe, US East Coast, (Middle East, but not on vacation)
    • Commitment to travel 4 times annually
  • Health
    • Quit smoking

Personal Challenges

Look, nobody has had a perfect life (and yet, everybody has).  I can paint you a pretty picture of what I've done and what I've accomplished, but if I don't show you that I've overcome some adversity, or still struggle with it today, I'm not much of an authenticity coach. 

  • Child of alcoholic
    • Resulting anger issues
  • "Not much" career guidance
  • Grew up in smoking household, started smoking (quitting = hardest thing I've ever done)
  • Accused of Child Abuse, not once, but twice by anonymous tipsters
    • (Absolved of even the slightest notion of these claims in both cases)
    • These events have been the single most challenging events of my life - I still have not fully made sense of them or figured out how to resolve them fully.
    • We are and had been seeing a counselor to deal with the strain of such slanderous accusations
    • As a result - I would not recommend me for coaching in development of specific types of relationships.  I can reveal this more fully in our conversation.
  • I can't seem to break out of a technical role and into management, though the people I coach do.


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