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About our coaching

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General Benefits

There are many benefits to having a personal coach.  The most powerful benefits are usually the simplest.  Having another person committed to you and your life and willing to provide a space where you can state your desired outcomes, as well as to hold you to and remind you of those stated goals when life does not appear to be going your way is an opportunity greater than many will ever experience.   Developing that sort of relationship with another person provides openings for all relationships in one's life.  Finally, being listened to, in the way that you will be listened to as my client will leave you being known.  While you will be left being known by me, you will be left being known, perhaps for the first time by you.  This is not to be underestimated as an experience, or missed. 

Specific Benefits

Specific benefits depend on the area of focus.  At this time I am choosing to focus on the area of Authenticity and Leadership, though we can certainly have conversations in the other areas.

Authenticity and Leadership Intimate Relationships
Self Realization Group Coaching

Choosing a Coach

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