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Tame the Lizard - Powerfully Managing the Amygdala in Relationships

Course Content

 The Tame the Lizard course is presented in two 4 hour sessions, either in before lunch/after lunch sessions, or two distinct and separate evenings.  Customizations are possible, though expected results will vary with deviations to course content.

Format:  The course is presented in workshop format with 25 – 100 participants.  It is an exhaustive “deep dive” into not only the technical aspects of the amygdala, but the functional effect that the chemical response created by the amygdala will have on an individual or a collection of individuals gathered in a group with some common purpose.

Session one will focus on understanding the amygdala, what it is, what its purpose is, methods to identify that you’ve been hijacked, methods to identify when another has been hijacked, and an introduction to “step back” from the response.

Session two will focus on the nitty-gritty details of Taming the Lizard.  You will be provided with models developed with the purpose of altering the course of possible action when an amygdala hijack occurs within yourself, within another individual you’re interacting with, or within a group that you are a committed member of.

Ultimately, we are all committed to a world that works for everyone, whether we know it or not.  The amygdala and its chemical induced response is a major roadblock to humanity effectively altering and developing that future.  Knowing and understanding this response and how to manage it is soon to be required knowledge to get along in the world.

It may even save your marriage…

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