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The Rope Bridge To The Future

The rope bridge is more of a theoretical framework to envision any change effort you are attempting to undertake.

Not a difficult concept.

Your future is out there.  It is real and exists but only when you get to it.  The nature of the future is that it is malleable and can be developed.  You must create it as you've created the future you are in now (it's just now, now).

The future is created through language, declaration, and integrity in following through on your word.  You can't create a disjointed future or one that doesn't fit with your current reality.  Each future has a path that must be followed to lead you to it.

But the future itself, no matter how bold or daring, can be created.  But you have to stake something in that future.

Imagine yourself on one side of a deep chasm.  There are many unknowns in the chasm.  But you have two ropes with a spike to stake the ropes on the other side of the chasm.  The other side is the future that you will get to.

The ropes are your word. The stakes are your integrity securing your word in the future.

Say something.

Say how long.

Example: In five years I will be renowned for my theories and methods of altering individual and organizational behavior.

Today is 9/7/2011.  On 9/7/2016 I will be requested as a speaker and consultant for creating futures that don't yet exist in areas that are viewed as impossible in today's thinking.

My measures of success will be that I am able to choose which engagements I select to satisfy my annual income requirements and ability to travel. 

There.  The stakes are in the ground.

Now, I need to begin laying the planks, one by one, that will get me from here (now) to there (now).

More to come...

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