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Theories and Methods That Support Our Work

Understanding the theory behind what we do is not required for it to work.  Some people or organizations may need a deeper understanding of the Why and How it works.  This is for you.

Appreciative Inquiry

Inquiring into the strengths of an organization, building on them, making the weaknesses irrelevant.

Complex Responsive Process

Applying complexity theory to organization.

Intentional Change Theory

Boyatzis' theory and cyclical method of change for individuals and organizations.

Kolb Learning Cycle

Framework for understanding individual learning style and applying those learning styles to group development.


Ontology is the study of being and the phenomena that occur in being.

Social Constructionism

The idea that reality is a construction of conversation and agreement among human beings.

That's what's behind what we do.  Who we are while we do it is a space where love is present and experienced.


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