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Individual, Group and Organization

Development of cohesive teams requires many intangibles.  In our rush to do and accomplish tasks we often neglect the fundamentals required to build a sustainable working group.  This happens in small teams as well as at the departmental and division levels. 

We offer interventions in existing teams, and creation processes in new teams.  Taking the time to work through some of the dynamics of effective team up front will save time and money.  Mostly though, it will create a space for love and affinity to occur in the work environment.


At an individual level we offer profound insight and guidance into you.  With over 20 years of experience in coaching at an individual level you will experience yourself in ways that you never expected.  You will be left being known at a depth that is uncommon in everyday interactions with other human beings.  Inside of this space of "being known" you will begin to know yourself and the possibility that your life is, and be left with an effective course of action for manifesting that possibility.  This is what our individual coaching sessions provide.


We provide and deliver key note or other strategically designed speeches on a wide range of topics with the intention of bringing serious focus to matters in a humorous and powerful format.  Bringing large groups of people together in laughter is powerful, but only if that Positive Emotion is channeled toward a desired outcome.  That outcome may be the generation of shared vision, unity around any topic, or just to leave people with - "That was a great conference!".

That's what we do.  Who we are while we do it is a space where love is present and experienced.


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